17 August 2015
* Updated kickstarterprojects.
* Added five video's to the various section
* Added a tutorial about hair specularity to the hair section.
7 July 2015
* Updated kickstarterprojects.
* Added three new charactersheets.
* Cooking up something special but will take some months, stay tuned.

22 May 2015
* Updated kickstarterprojects.
* Added two new charactersheets.

4/5 May 2015
* Modeling page has an extra section for ear modeling.
* Updated kickstarterprojects.
* Added a new charactersheet.
* Two new pages for backgroundpainting and various stuff added.

19 April 2015
* Modeling page has an extra section for teeth modeling.
* Updated kickstarterprojects.

12 April 2015
* modeling page has content but needs more updates.
Kickstart page updated and finished.
Charactersheet page was already online.

24 March 2015
* continous home page updates
adding the scrollbar proved to be a real headache

14 March 2015
* continous home page updates
exploring styles

7 March 2015
* site alive

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Links to sites which are close to me.

Google+ forum 3D Anime for art, trailers and information. BNPR and Freestyle forum for all you Blenderheads. Mc Lelun, a very active artist with a good sense for kawai. The guru's of Non Photorealistic Rendering. 'Da Boss' of the G+ 3D Anime site.