Even if we can automate the creating of an animecharacter, we can not replace the handpainted backgrounds easily in 3D. If you want to create an anime(short) you need to master this technique.

This page will show you how you can recreate the handpainted anime backgrounds. Most of them are done in Photoshop but it is not that difficult to use them in Krita, Gimp or SAI.

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Painting a background
The technique used in these tutorials can be refered to as matte painting. Still the look and feeling of anime backgroundpaintings still differ a bit of matte paintings.

The tutorials you will find here are geared towards beginners (as I am one of them) but unfortunately are almost all in Japanese. An often heared complaint is that speedpaintings do not teach you the basics. Hope you will like it and will use this information for your projects.

There is still a way in which you can utilise 3D software for backgroundpainting. That is to create 3D models and use edge rendering on them (if your software supports it). In that way you can create buildings - mainly architecture - in perspective and render the outlines. Use it as a guideline to paint over in Phtoshop which could speed up the process or help you out.

Around 20 tutorials found on this page (and there is some extra stuff tucked away on their site). Beeing in Japanese poses some problem but it is still very good to follow.

A bigger problem is that they use 'special' brushes which you can buy from their site but I do not know how. Same goes for their twoo books which you can buy on amazone Japan (see G+ 3D Anime for small tutorial). All in all a very good site which teaches you the basics. Do check out their gallery as well http://blankcoin.com/gallery.html
There are some few video's on youtube but better check out their website http://www.aquamary.com/index.html It is a treasure trove for a lot of painting techniques in general but it is a bit hard to navigate.

There is even a kind of downloadable content/e-book: http://www.aquamary.com/note_01.html Although a bit more difficult to understand everything is explained in steps. http://www.aquamary.com/tutorial_08.html
MC Lelun
One of the rare sites in the English language on this subject. MC Lelun explains in easy steps various techniques but also how to make use of 3D software in the process. Do check it out at http://www.mclelun.com/tutorial/ (and his youtube channel).
Kengo Arima
Various uploads in his youtubechannel about backgroundpaintings on various subjects.
One of the earliest examples on CG background painting. If you are interested his youtube channel contains a lot of handpainted demo's as well.
5 CG painting tutorials in Photoshop. Very easy to follow.
Palmie: a few interesting tutorials on backgroundpainting. The rest is more geared towards inking in manga characters in Clip Studio. Still interesting.