This page is purely for things I have not given a proper place on one of the other pages. But it does contain valuable information regarding 3D anime.

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Working in the industry
Two recent interviews give a nice insight in how difficult the anime industry is. Long hours, bad pay, hmm sounds like a normal job... Well did not want this to go unnoticed. Besides this illustrates the need for a cheaper workflow which 3D could provide (or they would cut down costs on that as well :( ).

Kotaku report
Interview Henry Thurlow
(Maya EN) A nice cartoony effect for characters waving rapidly with their arms. It is sometimes used in anime, espexially when the characters turns a bit chibi like.
Guilty gear
The much acclaimed presentation which the creators of the Guilty Gear gave. For those who do not know. The guilty gear game was made in 3D but mimics 2D as close as possible (aka you do not notice it is 3D).
Because 'sites' disappear overnight I already copied this video for safekeeping.
Blender After Effects
(Blender JA) Not going to create a special section for it (well not know atm) but still wanted to point out people to these effects which could be used in anime.
Well every serious anime needs a storyboard. Even if you create it yourself - all alone- its still pretty handy to have rough outlines of what you are gonna do. When working in a team a storyboard becomes a necessity.
(Maya JA) If your gonna animate understanding the basics of animation is key (duh). Put this little tutorial here. There is more on his channel.
A big resource for 3D Anime related works is the magazine CG World. There is a series about animating as well but is more directed towards cartoons then anime.
(Softimage EN) This video demonstrates what the importance is of changing normals for anime characters.
(3dsMax EN/JA) An old video for making gaming characters in an anicent version of 3dsMax.
(- JA) An insight in how to make an anime explosion. There is even a book about it found here: Amazon jp
(Blender EN) Ingenious way of creating an anime wake and foam. Very useful for water projects.
(Blender EN) A second way of creating an anime wake and foam effect.
(Blender EN) Creation of an anime open sea.
(Blender EN) Creation of an anime ocean shore.
(Blender EN) Creation of an anime misty ocean.
I will keep a list of downloadable anime content: Suqare Enix